Profile of Recruitment Associate

  • Applicants with initial experience in recruiting or in sales with a consultancy / software house, e. g. through relevant internships, preferably in the finance industry
  • On the job training in the corpnext recruiting process, taking on candidate and client processes within a short space of time

Profile of Junior Associate / Trainee

  • Applicant with a high affinity for sales and the motivation for a recruiting career in the financial industry
  • Intensive on the job training and qualification as a headhunter
  • Internal and external training programmes
  • Support from a mentor / Senior Consultant

Profile of Recruitment Consultant

  • 1-3 years of experience in a recruiting or sales position with a human resources consultancy, preferably focusing on the banking market
  • Resilient contact network on the client / candidate side
  • Management of strategic topics, next stage team leadership

Profile of Research Associate

  • Experience in research or recruiting
  • Adroit, astute and able to work under pressure
  • Making contact with potential candidates

Profile for Candidate Relationships

  • Relevant experience in identification / research / recruiting
  • Excellent knowledge of the banking market in Europe
  • Good knowledge of corporate structures, salary structures, skills and task profiles
  • Management of superior candidates, working closely with the Front Office

Profile for Associate PermDesk

  • Experience of working as an assistant, preferably in the field of human resources services, sales, software or company consultation, preferably in the financial industry
  • Coordination of sensitive and time-critical processes on candidate and client side
  • Management assistant

Positions vacant

Research Associate
All areas
Part time / Full time

Recruitment Consultant
Financial Headhunters
Full time

head of IT Recruitment
Financial Technology
Full time

Recruitment Associate
Capital Market Sales
Full time

Intern Headhunting
All areas
Full time

Associate PermDesk
All areas
Full time / Part time

Senior Candidate Relationship Manager
All areas
Full time

Senior Identification Manager
All areas
Full time / Part time

Associate Talent Acquisition
All areas
Full time / Part time