Our Procedure

After our direct approach or your application for one of our positions in the corpnext career centre, our advisers carry out an intensive check of your documents.

The recruiter will also check which actual vacancies match your profile and present these in detail in an initial telephone call or personal discussion.

If you are interested in one of these vacancies and have explicitly notified the recruiter of this, the actual process will begin.

Advantages for our Candidates

Involving a headhunter in your application process is a good and timely decision, securing you significant competitive advantages in the job application market:

Exclusive mandates
Our clients often commission us to act exclusively for them in the search. These positions are not available on the open market, for instance on job exchange sites.

Your profile on the right desk
We work together very closely with our clients and have direct access to the final decision-makers.

Tailored offers
We provide you with tailored offers to match your requirements, such as for instance in-house / advisory / salary / location / size of company.



Procedure for the recruiting process

Your documents
Based on the information you have given us, the corpnext Recruiting Team will create a detailed profile from your original CV, which along with your key competence areas will also provide a brief summary of the general conditions (for example, periods of notice, a rough idea of salary and the motivation for change).

The candidate profile will then be presented to the client.

At the client's
In our experience, the client will give us feedback on the candidate we have introduced within five to ten working days.

If the feedback is positive, the recruiter will agree the date of an initial interview between you and the client. As a rule, this takes place within a relatively short period of time. Our recruiters will accompany you before and after the interview and will be your contacts both during preparation and in the follow-up period.

We recommend that shortly after an interview you get in touch with the recruiter responsible. You can then discuss how to proceed further and possibly also get initial feedback from our client.

Offer of a contract
Usually, you will be informed of the final decision shortly after about two interviews with the client.

If the client wants to offer you a contract, he will get in touch with you and the recruiter. Fundamental conditions are mostly clarified in the final discussion and then passed on to you parallel to drawing up the contract.

After you have received the contract documents, the recruiter will be happy to support you if individual passages or parts of the contents need to be clarified.