Our Promise to You

Responsibility and integrity characterise our relationship with the candidates we support:

  • The greatest discretion for your application
  • A high degree of transparency in the current processes
  • Fast and open feedback in every phase of your application
  • Feedback on all activities involving you
  • Commitment to your requirements

Our Services for Candidates

Many of the candidates we place were not necessarily looking for a new challenge when we first contacted them.

We actively support our candidates in advance of our actual recruiting process, by actively revealing the market opportunities for the applicant. Among these measures are:

  • Career advice free of charge
  • Feedback on your current salary package compared to the market
  • Identifying opportunities for advancement
  • Support when preparing your documents
  • Tailored matching of your profile based on your requirements
  • Identifying different development opportunities in the market
  • Placing your profile with top decision makers
  • Briefing before every appointment / interview
  • Support when checking contracts of employment and resignations
  • Coordination of all processes

Candidates' FAQs

What documents will I need at the initial stage?
We require your detailed CV (including a description of your activities in your most recent posts) and, later on in the process, your pertinent references.

For vacancies tending towards the advisory, we also need descriptions of projects, project durations and a description of your role within the project.

In what form do you require my documents?
We record your documents in a database. Generally, Word or open PDF documents are the best formats for this. It is not necessary to send us an application folder or original documents by post.

What happens to my documents?
Once we have entered your documents into our company pool of applicants, we will regularly present you with matching positions. Discretion and data protection are our top priorities in this process.

Will you contact me before presenting my documents to one of your clients?
Only when you have given your explicit agreement will we present your documents in the form of a synopsis to one of our clients. One of our recruiters will contact you by phone or email to make sure we have your agreement. When doing so, our recruiter will in every case present the client and the position in question in detail to you.

What costs are incurred?
For you as the applicant, both entry into our internal pool of candidates and successful placement are absolutely free of charge.

I was approached directly by one of your employees – how did you choose me?
In the course of a specific project, the recruiter will create a profile of requirements. As a rule, target company lists are also drawn up for this purpose. In this process our research team identified you as a particularly suitable candidate in the market and approached you directly.

Do you also act as agents for part-time jobs?
Unfortunately, no. corpnext Recruiting Services specialise in placing specialists and managers in the fields of finance, IT and sales in permanent posts.

Which locations are covered by corpnext recruiting services?
The majority of our clients are located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Many of our positions are in metropolitan areas such as Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne etc.